Rotem Tamir’s work focuses on the objects we make and how they help in telling the complex story of relocation and shuffled identity. She is fascinated by the relationships between art, local and distant traditions, and migration. Migrations involve objects and traditions that, along with the people, morph and adapt as a result of the experience of the journey, the materials at hand and the new needs that arise. She dislocates and synthesizes the objects playfully and hybridizes them with personal stories, experiences, and the politics of the moment. 

Tamir, an Israeli artist who lives in Minneapolis, teaches as an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. Her work has been exhibited at venues including Locust Projects, Miami, FL; the Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL; Kav 16 Community Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; BCA Center, Burlington, VT; and Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, among others. Tamir has been awarded residencies at Sculpture Space, Utica, NY; Seven Below Arts Initiative, Burlington, VT; Art OMI International Arts Center and was a featured artist in residence at ARC Chattanooga, TN. She received the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship award; the Artis Exhibition Grant from, New York, NY, among others.